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Bellingham, WA, 98226

American made and crafted bags for fun times. Sewn bags and other products focused on quality materials, affordability and craftsmanship.


“Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” 
― Isaac Newton

Every material High Above Uses has been obsessed over from the zippers to the woven tags. More, in fact, than we care to admit. We strive to source domestic materials for our products, but will choose a superior product regardless of source.

Dimension Polyant- Our shell material is waterproof and durable as hell. This stuff is the "backbone" of our product line, and we kicked the hell out of it to make sure it could go the distance. USA Made.

YKK Zippers- High Above uses waterproof #8 Uretek zippers. They are the benchmark for quality and are second to none. USA Made.

Spacer Mesh- This mesh minimizes the scratchiness typically associated with the material. It is a miracle we stumbled into it. Imported.

Foam- USA Made.

Webbing- Heavier duty than the competition, our webbing is more durable and more comfortable. Designed to last forever, like your bag. USA Made.

Paracord- Great stuff and worth the extra cost. USA Made. 

Buckles- ITW Nexus made, these are, in our opinion the perfect combination of durability, function and looks. Imported.

MALICE Clip-  The MALICE Clip secures the Bottle Rocket to the Cascadia, and is integral to the functionality of the system. USA Made.